Anja Chakra, Sandalwood Essential Oil & Mahasirs Mudra

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Every day I will talk about the benefits of a Mudra and an essential oil to Support the Chakra we are talking about each challenge day.

Today it´s all about our Third Eye Chakra, Mahasirs Mudra and
Sandalwood Essential oil:



6th Chakra - Anja Chakra - 3rd eye 

Our 6th Chakra is our Center of psychic power, higher Intention, magnetic forces and light and encompasses divine thought, blanced Intuition and intellect.


Essential Oils:

Sandalwood, Geranium, Frankincense 

Middle of Forehead, above the eyebrows

intuitive, good Memory, perceptive, able to remember dreams, able to think symbolically, able to visualize 

delusions, hallucinations, difficulty concentrating, nightmares


Poor Memory, poor Vision, difficulty visualizing, mono-polarized

Key words: 

Vision, Intuition, clear perception, spiritual perspective


 Indigo blue, representing spiritual attainment, the search of spiritual purpose in life
Oils applications:
Inhalation method, under the nose and middle of forehead

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood has a rich, sweet, warm, woody aroma that is sensual and romantic. Used traditionally for meditation. This oil is uplifting and relaxing and is valued in skincare for its moisturising properties... Light, woody, sweet, rich, soothing, relaxing, uplifting and grounding; clearing away negativity and focusing the mind while opening the heart. Calms restlessness allowing deep meditation and sound sleep, while awakening the third eye. Centering and chakra balancing. An aphrodisiac. Holds frequency while eliciting higher angelic vibrations of the divine.


Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses:



  • Diffuse or apply to the neck and shoulders at bedtime for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Add 1–2 drops to your favorite moisturizer or night cream for smooth, glowing skin.
  • Add 1–2 drops to a hot bath to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Diffuse Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil throughout the room before and during yoga.
  • Place 1 drop in the palms of your hands, rub together, and cup over the nose and mouth while you breathe to clear confusion.



Caution: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.

Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use..

Mahasirs Mudra


This mudra is particularly good for sinus headaches. It is also calming, centering and clears your head bringing clarity.


I have learnded a lot of lessons in my life when it Comes to Hormones, headaches and migraines. This Mudra is really awesome if you also suffer with headaches and migraines.

How to do the Mahasirs Mudra for Headaches:

  • Place your ring finger into the fold of the thumb.
  • Touch the tips of your thumb, index and middle finger.
  • Keep the baby finger straight.
  • Do this with both hands.
  • Hold it as long as necessary.


More benefits of Mahasirs Mudra 

Relieves tension

Balances energy

Eliminates mucus congestion in the frontal sinuses

Quiets the senses and calms the emotions



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